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Our Services

The Lifestyle Health and Fitness Center is a unique and exclusive exercise facility, offering a distinctive
combination of of health and fitness services. Active collaboration within our team provides YOU
with the most effective and tailored approach on your journey towards good health.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers help you create and meet your personal fitness goals.

Beginning with our pre-activity screening, through identifying and overcoming bstacles, we take you on a custom designed program guiding you to better health and well being.

Clinical Exercise Specialists

Our specialists are trained and certified personnel who work in conjunction with your physician to improve disease management and integrate fitness with the clinical care already in progress, using a program tailored directly to your medical and total fitness needs.

Physical Therapy

We offer a wide spectrum of comprehensive and advanced physical therapy treatment options.

You will learn straightforward exercises that get right to the heart of your complaint. We restore you to full function using a custom designed treatment plan, clear time frames and concrete goals.

Clinical Nutrition/Dietitian

Our Dietitians focus exclusively on the impact of food on health, and are experts in designing nutrition programs to promote and empower you to a healthier lifestyle.

We also provide medical nutrition therapy, specializing in the management of overweight and obese patients, as well as those with kidney disease, diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

Medical Massage

Medical massage therapy can be a beneficial part your total treatment plan, whether you are suffering from disease, illness, injury, pain or stress.

We offer medical massage therapy as a complement to treat and manage diseases, muscle soreness and healing of injuries, including those caused by car accidents, falls and sports activities.


Our Mixed Martial Arts training is a new and upcoming training modality involving a blend of kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu, which helps the body to develop increased levels of strength, power and energy.

MMA training incorporates specific strength and speed which engages all the energy systems, working towards improving overall fitness and conditioning.


Lifestyle Health and Fitness Center boasts the most advanced and cutting-edge fitness gear.
Our full line of cardio and strength training equipment, coupled with our world class Functional Training Zone, allows you to utilize all the various training modalities to fit your unique needs.


For more information, get in touch.

Main Office

Tkhelet Mordechai 21

Ofice: 02-538-6222

Email: info@lifestylehealthandfitness.org

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